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Tiny Tickets Program

"Tiny tickets" are those hoards of BART tickets, often discarded or left in pockets or drawers that have tiny bits of value left on them.  You can donate the unused portion of your BART tickets to Futures Explored/ALIVE, which BART will turn into cash for our programs.  Clients, staff and visitors deposit their tickets into collection bins at all of our programs and both Thrift stores.  We are fortunate to have community supporters throughout the Bay Area collecting tickets at their businesses and offices. 

If you have Tiny Tickets you can take or sent them to any of our program sites.  Collection bins can also be found in the community at the following locations:  In Lafayette at West America Bank, United California Bank, Sharp’s Bike Shop, AG Ferrarri’s, Round Table Pizza, Papillon Coffees, and Safeway.   Bins can also be found at Chevron in San Ramon (c/o Louise Principe), the IRS in San Francisco (c/o Mary Jo Foote), and in Concord at Ace Hardware, Starbucks and the Brenden Theatres. 

Sign up for eScrip

Have you registered for eScrip yet?  It literally takes 2 minutes online.  Just pull out your wallet and go to, click on "sign up" (in the orange banner).  Follow the instructions: our agency is Futures Explored, Inc./ALIVE Group ID # 51444.  You don't get junk mail or calls from it, and the website is totally secure for credit cards and other personal information.  But every time you spend money using your registered cards at any of the hundreds of merchants our agency gets a small percentage.  And you still get miles, discounts, and any rewards that you usually do.  Please sign up soon!!

Recycle Ink Jet Cartridges

If you, your business, or your friends or collegues use ink jet cartridges, don’t throw them out!  Call any of our sites for a postage paid recycling bag.  Just place your used ink jet cartridges in the enclosed postage paid envelope, and send it in! For each Ink Jet cartridge you recycle our programs earn $2.00!  As a bonus, you will be doing the right thing for the environment & our community!

 “Change the Futures”

All you do is collect all the loose change out of your sofa, put it in a jar, and turn it in to Futures Day Program.  Our money management students count, roll and deposit these funds.  They get practical experience, as well as raise money for their programs.