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Growing, Adapting, Relaxing, Doing, Enjoying, Naturally


What is the GARDEN Program?

GARDEN is one of the programs of Futures Explored, Inc.  Futures provides support to individuals in the areas of personal care, social recreation, advocacy, vocation and education, based on each person's individual needs and interests.

Who Does the GARDEN Program Serve?

The GARDEN Program serves adults with significant cognitive and physical disabilities who may also have specialized health needs.  The individuals served typically require assistance with feeding and personal care and may also require routine health care during the program day, such as: medication administration; feedings via G-tube; blood sugar testing; oxygen use etc.  The GARDEN Program has a Nurse that provides training to all staff in case of such health care needs.

What Does the GARDEN Program Provide Participants?

  • Community Participation/Involvement

  • Adaptive Communication Techniques

  • Choice Making Opportunities

  • Sensory Experiences

How to Contact the GARDEN Program

  • GARDEN ALIVE Central: (925) 825-0263
  • GARDEN ALIVE East (925) 779-1039
  • GARDEN Brentwood: (925) 626-3642
  • GARDEN Livermore: (925) 454-3349